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 /  Cobre las Cruces is lying about the damage caused

The landslide has covered 675,000 m², including the slopes of the open-pit mine, with polluting non-inert waste. The wave of toxic waste travelled 1300 metres from the mine’s waste management plant to the bottom of the mine.

 /  The end of the NPP of Garoña

Santa María de Garoña is the oldest Spanish nuclear power plant that started its commercial operation in 1971, is located in the North of Burgos, very close to the Baske Country, and it is in the beginning of Ebro river, one of the most important Spanish rivers.

 /  O lobo e a gandaría

O documento presentado por Ecoloxistas en Acción pretende facilitar aos profesionais da comunicación o tratamento das noticias relacionadas co lobo con maior rigor e obxectividade.