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 /  The end of the NPP of Garoña

Santa María de Garoña is the oldest Spanish nuclear power plant that started its commercial operation in 1971, is located in the North of Burgos, very close to the Baske Country, and it is in the beginning of Ebro river, one of the most important Spanish rivers.

 /  50th anniversary of the Palomares incident

On January 17th it will be 50 years of the incident at Palomares. Ecologistas en Acción has planned several ceremonies to remember the incident and to show its solidarity with the affected population.

 /  50 years since the Palomares accident

January 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the contamination by plutonium of the Palomares area of Almeria, caused by the accidental fall of several atomic bombs during a United States military exercise.