Agroecology is a conception of rural development along with agriculture and stockbreeding which sees as a whole the ways to manage natural resources and the ways society is organized in different cultures. Agroecology, when applied to Spanish rural areas, provides with several possibilities, as for instance: ecological agriculture production techniques, ways of direct trading and the way producers and consumers organize themselves along with the importance of preserving traditional market gardens in villages.

Agroecology feeds at the same time on traditional agriculture techniques and on advances made by ecological farmers or scientists during the last few decades. However, agroecology techniques are usually beyond farmers” means, for agricultural extension and consultancy Public Services do not always have qualified staff. On the other hand, those farms trying to turn their techniques into ecological production come across many problems to fulfil this process such as the agronomic, administrative or legal kind or even problems concerning the trading of ecological products.

Therefore, we offer a Consultancy Service regarding to ecological agriculture production at the disposal of all workers (whether they come from the agriculture sector or not) from rural areas in Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura and Andalusia. It is addressed to either farms that are already into ecological production or farms that are to be changed into ecological cultivation along with those waste lands to be cultivated. This service is not only at the disposal of professional farmers but also at the disposal of agriculture for leisure or self-supply purposes.

This Consultancy Service is performed either at the central offices of Ecologistas en Acción's Proyecto de Fomento de la Agricultura Ecológica (Ecological Agriculture Promotion Project) or by phone or internet.
Visitations may be agreed when requested.

How to access to our Consultancy Service

Our consultancy centre in Navalmoral de la Mata (Caceres, Spain) has any material resources intended to queries reception and resolution along with applications processing.

Please, complete and return this form to the aforementioned address by post or e-mail in order to access to our services:

Download Ecoagroculturas Consultancy Service Application Form


From EcoAgroCulturas we want to encourage people and organizations supporting Ecological Agriculture, whether it is through production, agriculture products transforming, distribution and trading or consumption. Our consultancy Service gives continual advice to people interested in Ecological Agriculture and/or in Short Supply Networks.

Ecological Agriculture Production.
Cultivation Health and Ecological Agriculture Farms Management.
Changing farms into Ecological Agriculture.
Aid for Ecologic Production Management.
Ecological Products Trading.

Short Supply Networks.
Consumer Group
Dynamizing Producer-Consumer Networks.

Our Consultancy Service can be performed in two different ways: On-site Consultancy and Distance Consultancy.

The fastest way we can help you is by means of communication by distance. You can contact us by phone or on the Internet. Besides, we have some forums in our website where you can ask any question and check out other user's questions.
Once we receive your Sign-up Application at the EcoAgroCulturas Consultancy Service we will send you all the instructions and key-codes required to access to our Consultancy Service on-line.

You can come to our consultancy centre in Navalmoral de la Mata (Caceres, Spain) so that we could speak calmly and use our Data Centre for Ecological Agriculture. In order to do so, an appointment must be made by phone or e-mail. Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to14:30.

Once you have contacted us, you can ask EcoAgroCulturas for a visitation to your farm or body premises in order to study in depth your project and improve the Plan de Asesoría y Seguimiento (Consultancy and Monitoring Programme) in an individual way for your activity.