Free from Nuclear Power Plant

Free from Nuclear Power Plant
/Seihuku Kojyo Iinkai

(Lyrics) Suzunosuke (Music) AKIRA

It's a really unforgivable story
Even if this is a national policy
Stilllying about it even after a dangerous incident
Saying «Won't immediately affect the human body !»

Even if it's was a wonderful invention
Full of words that we never learned
Becquerel, Cesium, Meltdown, Turbine building
Monitoring and High microsievert, come on

We won't forget the Proponents of nuclear power
You can stay if you say it's safe, you should live there
Greenhorn who cause trouble
Aren't you ashamed?

Free from Nuclear Power Plant
Free from, In a big voice
Shout to the world about the real danger
Politicians do not work in case of like this

Always hanging on to their honor and wealth
The migratory birds in the nature don't know about this danger
Do not know where the evacuated area is
We will always remember about the Nuclear power plant accident (Fukushima)

Let's remember the magnitude of the damage
To the land and to the sea,
Secondary disasters,
Affecting people's hearts