- Although he introduced legal changes in order to ban bunkering practices in the Gibraltar Strait, following Spain's confrontation with UK on Gibraltar, up to close to that date, while being already Minister for the Environment, he was still at the same time the Director of a fuel company commercially related with companies doing bunkering in the Algeciras Bay, one of the highest environmental impacts in that area.


- HUp to September 2014 he had stock options (2,6%) in a couple of oil companies, Petrologis and Petroleos Ducar http://www.europapress.es/nacional/noticia-canete-ignora-hace-petrolera-tiene-acciones-porque-fuera-gestion-2011-20140428122811.html
However, due to the public pressure underlining his conflict of interests, he rushed to sell them before his hearing in front of the Parliament http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/canete-sells-oil-shares/

- He approved a reform of the EIA law watering down the general requirements, and including the obligation of submitting fracking projects to this EIA. This may sound as a step in the good direction, but it is indeed part of a more complex move, together with legislative changes in some energy laws, oriented to give «fracking decissions» a national status, and this way bypassing the regional fracking bans of certain regions (Cantabria, La rioja,…)

- He approved a reform of the coastal law, which includes many tailor-made exemptions to the protection regime and paves the way for privatisation of large areas. This law just very slightly considers the effects on Climate change on the coast

- The Industry Ministry (Soria) is pushing for oil drilling in Canary Island and parts of the Mediterranean. Cañete as Environment minister has given green light to these drillings

- The Spanish government energy policy has strongly worked against climate. Although Energy was not under his portfolio, him as an Environment minister has not raised a voice against energy and climate decissions such as fracking promotion, attack to renewables, particularly solar
http://social.csptoday.com/markets/spanish-plants-will-get-half-what-government-promised, or extension of a nuclear plant life term

Of course as Environment minister has not either raised a voice against Spain REPSOL refineries plants to become the entrance door to the EU of the Canadian Tar sands

This is very linked to the «scrapping» of the Fuel Quality Directive in the EU, and also linked to the negotiations of both the CETA and the TTIP agreements.

He has not raised a voice neither when the Industry ministry has offered the USA our gasification capacity to import USA gas (mainly coming from fracking) in the form of Natural Liquified Gas (a complete climate nonsense),
http://economia.elpais.com/economia/2014/09/09/actualidad/1410289972_577490.html something also very linked to the Energy portfolio being currently negotiated under the TTIP.

Weather Cañete is going to favour Spanish government positions on this energy issues (with high climate implications) or not, is something we will see. But not much room for hope.

An interesting exercise can be to track his record on Environment Council regarding EU climate policy, fracking and other related dossiers.

Regarding other environmental dossiers in Spain, his political action has been really bad, watering down Air quality law, promoting biodiversity offsetting and Nature privatisation, watering down nature protection in National Parks (allowing generalisation of up-to-now very restricted practices such as hunting).

Regarding water policy, he was a strong defendent of the now scrapped Ebro River transfer. Acting as minister he has armour-plated a amount of water to be transfered between two important Spanish rivers (Tagus and Segura) BEFORE defining the minimum ecological flow as the Water Framework Directive requires (and there will not be amount left for this purpose, given the approved amount to be transfered). Added to this there are other environmental policy concerns, some of which can be checked in a mid-term report produced by Ecologistas en Acción last year http://bit.ly/1xIPJLZ (in Spanish)

- As environment minister he was also in charge of the Fisheries dossier; his position is very well know by everybody which has taken part in the Common Fisheries Policy reform, systematically opposing transition to a more sustainable system.

- On agriculture, also under his portfolio, he questioned that the greening of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) because it could mean too much aditional effort for farmers
He has even bragged about all the money of the CAP he negotiated for Spain in the reform process.

- On GMOs, wikileaks unveiled he offered himself to the USA government to promote GMOs in Europe

- On biofuels he has shown position in favour of increasing the % of food crops for car fuels

- Appart from all these elements, he was popular for:

Samuel Martín-Sosa Rodríguez. Internacional Confederación de Ecologistas en Acción