Campaign against bullfighting

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Ecologistas en Acción is starting a campaign against bullfighting under the subject “Sé humano, ponte en su piel” (Be human, put yourself in his place). The campaign seeks to inform all the citizens about the real consequences this activity has for bulls, to get the recognition that all the animals, human or not, deserve rights, and to give power to the declaration of antitaurine towns and cities.

Incomprehensibly, bullfighting and taurine feast in general are still frequent in some regions and, though the number of enthusiasts has decreased in the latest years, political and economical support from local and autonomous administrations is favoring this activity. For Ecologistas en Acción, bullfighting is based on torture, pain and cruelty with the bull, as well as on contempt for animals’ rights.

Besides, it transmits negative values to society, such as unjustified use of violence, contempt for animals’ rights, enjoyment with torture and ill-treats to animals. The impact it can have on mental and ethical development of children is especially serious; nevertheless, public and private televisions keep on broadcasting bullfights during children’s watching time.

Since its creation, Ecologistas en Acción has been working to obtain the recognition of animals’ rights. In a world that is controlled by human species, responsibilities of this one to domestic and wild animals and to their needs must be established, and the promotion of a culture and a legislation that regulates animals rights becomes indispensable. Progress, peace and education must fit together in harmony with respect for the rest of animals, which are also a part of nature, with which we are connected. The positive change of attitudes to animals as not-human beings is closely related to global respect for every kind of life and, by extension, for the whole planet.

This campaign, which counts on the disinterested collaboration of the advertising firm “Hi Comunicación”, consists of:
- Informative brochure in full color, entitled “Hay mentiras con las que nadie debería lidiar" (There are lies with which no one should fight), which answers the 6 lies that are habitually used as excuses for justifying bullfighting.
- A collection of posters that expose the direct consequences that the use of banderillas, sword and puntilla has on the bull, with the subject “Sé humano, ponte en su piel” (Be human, put yourself in his place).
- A 20 seconds radio jingle, with the bull as protagonist.
- An advertisement to be inserted in written press focused on sensitizing population about respect for animals.

In order to spread this campaign and to achieve the participation of citizens, Ecologistas en Acción is planning informative stands in streets and squares, where signatures in favour of the declarations of Madrid as an Antitaurine Community will be collected, and divulgative material will be provided.

Moreover, in order to achieve the widest spread possible and specially to insert advertisements in the different media, a campaign for collecting funds has been started. It can be supported with any contribution. All the money collected will be assigned only to the antitaurine campaign.

For further information about this campaign, the following documents can be consulted:

- Manifesto against bullfights.

- 10 basic questions about bullfighting.

- Ways to collaborate with the campaign.

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