The Effects of Climate Change on Spain’s Water

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The environmental effects generated by cli-mate change may vary greatly, depending on the characteristics specific to each area, as well as on the adjustment capability of the different animal and vegetable species to chan-ges in the climate. Likewise the changes on the human environment may also be considerably different from the socioeconomic perspective, depending on multiple factors.

One of the environmental elements most sub-ject to alteration by climate change, and that also greatly influences the human environment, are the aquatic ecosystems. These effects may prove particularly significant in Spain, where water demand derived from economic activity is significant, while existing water resources are not particularly abundant in most of its territory.

In this document we will analyse how the current climate change is influencing water resources in Spain, what predictions are there for the future, and what are the attitudes adopted by the diffe-rent public administrations responsible for wa-ter management concerning the situation.

Finally, a series of proposals from Ecologistas en Acción are included with a view to achieve a sustainable management of water resources, within the new landscape currently being sha-ped by climate change.

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