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  • 2009: the year of the decrease with fairness (equitable decrease)

    Ecologistas en Acción declares 2009 as the year of “living better with less” (less to live better, using less to live better, consuming less to live better, etc.), the year of the equitable decrease. With this slogan in mind, this organization will carry out a series of campaigns, in the 13 areas in which it works, that will help us advance towards a more sustainable and compassionate society

  • Dumpings go on in Bahía de Algeciras

    Ship Ropax 1, anchored in front of El Rinconcillo beach, in Algeciras, still continues creating pollution problems in Bahía de Algeciras.

  • We support the demolition of illegal housing

    Ecologists in Action (Ecologistas en Acción) asks that the Department for the Environment and Chipiona Town Council implement the rulings on the demolition of illegal constructions and do not give in to pressure exerted by those behind the illegal building of these dwellings and those who support them.

  • EU economic growth boosts biodiversity loss

    Ecologistas en Acción considers that the European Union has failed to keep its compromise to stop biodiversity loss in 2010, due to its constant economical growth. This is affecting the services offered by the ecosystems on which we depend to live.

  • Opposition to the refinery project in Extremadura

    The ecological organisations are against to the refinery project in Extremadura because they consider it obsolete and contrary to the fight against climate change.

  • EU’s Renewable Energy Policy Could Cause more Climate Change

    Ecologistas en Acción together with different international social and environmental organizations call on the European Parliament to reprove tomorrow the deficient Renewable Energy Directive that damages the climate, the human rights and the food production, in favour of the biofuel production.

  • Colony Depopulation Syndrome and Employment of Pesticides

    Many beekeepers are suffering a serious problem in the whole world; what is known as “colony depopulation syndrome”, what could be defined as the diverse physical, chemical or biological causes that make bees die, get confused or suppress their immune answer.

  • Environmentalists ask the EU for stop trading with the emission of pollutants

    Ecologistas en Acción, Acsur-Las Segovia, Amigos de la Tierra and Entrepueblos claim European leaders, who will meet at the end of the week in the Council of the European Union, to carry out the current negotiations of 2020 emissions reduction target in the Member States and not to divert it to third countries to reduce costs, because it will not help to tackle climate change.

  • Stop climate change

    On December 6, 2008 Ecologistas en Acción’s Confederate Congress demonstrated in Valencia, coinciding with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP14/MOP4) in Poznan, Poland.

  • The Valencia town-planning growth puts in risk the conservation of the rivers Jucar and Segura

    The situation of serious ecological risk that most of the watersheds of Valencia suffer is not alerting the administrations for the beginning of programs for the recovery and conservation of the rivers Jucar and Segura.

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