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Congreso de la Naturaleza UICN

The World Conservation Congress is the largest and most diverse conservation summit in the world. It is held once every four years with the objective of improving the way we manage the natural environment for our human, social and economic development.

The next congress will take place in Barcelona from 5 – 14 October 2008 in the Barcelona International Conference Centre (CCIB), Spain.

More than 8000 leaders from government, the public sector, NGOs, business, UN agencies and social organisations will meet to discuss, debate and decide on the best ways to resolve the most pressing environmental and development issues.

The Congress will begin with a four-day long Forum organised by members and associates of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) to debate innovative ideas, concepts and practices. It will end with the Members´ Assembly, a unique global environmental parliament of governments and NGOs. More information on the Congress can be found here:

Report Evaluation of the state of nature conservation in Spain 2008

Ecologists in Action will actively participate in this important Congress in Barcelona and will carry out various initiatives in the city with the following objectives:
- to ensure that participants of the IUCN Congress are conscious of the need to reduce the exploitation of natural resources, in particular fishing, oil and water;
- to ensure that the 2009-2012 IUCN programme recognises the need to reduce the over-exploitation of natural resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
- to inform the inhabitants of Barcelona of the importance of biodiversity, our dependence on it, and the actions we can take to promote its conservation.

Ecologists in Action will carry out the following initiatives with these objectives in mind:

Participation in the Congress

Ecologists in Action will actively participate in the Congress and will focus its attention on gaining approval for the four motions drawn up by our organisation to modify the 2009-2012 IUCN Programme, which will be agreed at the Congress:
- CGR4.MOT097 Climate change and the over-exploitation of natural resources in the IUCN Programme
- CGR4.MOT038 Action for the recovery of eastern stocks of red tuna
- CGR4.MOT030 Conservation of the habitat of the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
- CGR4. MOT025 A ban on the use of poisoned bait as a method of controlling predatory animals in the European Union

We will also second the motions of other organisations, in particular those which are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the IUCN and at ensuring the conservation of threathened species such as sharks.

In addition, during the Congress, Ecologists in Action, alongside other organisations, will take part in the inauguration of the Marine Park presentation on red tuna in the Balearic Islands, and will also take part in a debate on the risks and opportunites presented by bio-fuels.


On the 3rd October Ecologists in Action will present the videos which were awarded prizes in the 2nd Videodiversity Competition. This will take place in the events room of “La Casa Elizalde”, in the centre of Barcelona. More information on the Videodiversity Competition can be found here:

Sailing to Barcelona

The Ecologists in Action boat “Diosa Maat” will make its way to Barcelona in order to participate in the ICUN inititative “Sailing to Barcelona”

Apart from taking part in this initiative alongside other boats on the coast of Barcelona, the Ecologists in Action boat will remain in Barcelona from 3 - 15 October in order to carry out awareness-raising activities. The boat will be open for visitors daily from 4 - 9 October for those interested. From 10 - 14 October the boat will carry out awareness-raising activities at various locations on the Catalan coast.

Informative events

From 4 - 14 October Ecologists in Action will also take to the streets with informative events on the importance of biodiversity and the need to reduce the exploitation of natural resources.

Flyer Biodiversity

With the launch of the exhibition “Biodiversidad: Solo contigo” (Biodiversity: Only with your Help) and the “Juego de la Eco” (the Eco Game), a giant interactive game designed by Ecologists in Action, the organisation will raise awareness among children and adults of the importance of biodiversity, our dependence on it, and what we should do in order to ensure its conservation in the future. We will also organise informative events which highlight the need to reconsider our present model of development, denounce our dependence on certain natural resources and the destruction of the planet which is being brought about by these actions.

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